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Our collection of Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas, Oncidiums, Lady Slippers and other varieties that are easy to grow in the home.  Many of our orchids have been nationally recognized and awarded for their high quality.

  From the new grower to the most experienced, Hilltop Orchids enjoys helping you gain the knowledge and confidence to grow

these beautiful plants.


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Cream Parfait Jo Vernon 'Joe Sam Ben' AM/AOS x violacea v.coreula 'Sandys Blue
Cream ParfaitJo Vernon 'Joe Sam Ben' AM/AOS x violacea v.coreula 'Sandys Blue

This phalaenopsis is white with dark purple spots  Lots of blooms.

One of our more fragrant phalaenopsis crosses.



Mini Jade Mother-a-million
Mini JadeMother-a-million

While these little cuties are not in the orchid family, we have several of these suculants to offer as they live in the same type of conditons as the Orchid.

This suculant drops little seeds from its leafs into the base to create new plants, thus the name mother a million.



Phal. Desert Dream's 'Mahalo'
Phal. Desert Dream's 'Mahalo'
Phal. Desert Dream's 'Mahalo' "Red" x "Red Lantern" Very petite, with lots of blooms. Yellow with blush center.