About Us

Dick and Sandy Wells own and operate Hilltop Orchids.  Dick has been growing orchids since 1954.  While in High School, he was first struck by the beauty and elegance of orchids.  Sandy, on the other hand inherited her love of orchids, when she married Dick 50+ years ago.

Dick has been an American Orchid Society orchid judge since 1998.  He has won over 60 national awards and in 2009 he was awarded the prestigious W.W. Wilson award for the best Lady Slipper of the year.  In 2011 he received 2 HCC's, 2 AM's, 1 AQ, and an FCC.

Many of the awarded plants are from Hilltop's own breeding program


Hilltop Orchids, Inc. was established in 1991, in a small 24 x 60 ft. greenhouse offering only retail sales. Today the facility has grown to four 100x 24 foot gutter connected greenhouses with almost 10,000 square feet of growing space. Hilltop offers wholesale & retail sales of plants, seedlings, community pots, & flasks, many of which are produced in their onsite laboratory facility. 

At Hilltop the emphasis is on orchid plant development and breeding. so unique plants can be found at Hilltop that are not available elsewhere. There is also a wide variety of other orchid genera, such as, Paphiopedliums, Phragmipediums, Cattleyas, and Oncidiums, just to name a few. Orchid growing supplies are also available including our custom potting soil, and fertilizer whose forumula was developed as a result of research at Michigan State and Texas A&M Universities.

Hilltop Orchids, Inc.
1151 East County Road 800 South
Cloverdale, Indiana 46120
Phone: 765-795-6016; Fax: 765-795-4066
e-mail: rwells@ccrtc.com

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